English Bulldog Breeders in the Market

imagesStep aside, natural selection, as dog breeders can artificially generate the purest, most adored breeds in the world. As English Bulldog breeders know, successful breeding does not merely entail matching two dogs of the same genealogical background. In addition to the preliminary steps required for this process, english bulldog breeders can reap significant financial losses. This particular breed of dog can easily rack up the expenses, when you consider the required C-section, artificial insemination services, and other medical expenses. The total cost for the breeding process can reach upwards of $3000-$4000.

Every aspiring breeder must first consult with an experienced veterinarian before making any major decisions. Once they have selected a female dog healthy enough for pregnancy, they must also verify that she has been in heat twice, exceeds 18 months in age, and descends from a family line free of serious ailments or defects.

The most critical element of breeding English Bulldogs are their unusually short heat cycles of approximately three weeks, which are spaced 7 months apart. During the first stage of heat, the female bulldog will resist all mating attempts from a male dog. But once the second stage of estrus approaches, the female bulldog consents to the mating with virtually any male dog.

The breeding process is not finalized after the puppies are delivered, as breeders must offer the dogs food assistance and long-term personal and medical care. The fragility of this breed raises cause for concern, and every breeder must be attentive to the health of these animals before, during, and after pregnancy. When bulldogs undergo pregnancy, litters sometimes die due to healthy related complications. Hence, it is recommended that female bulldog owners spay their animals if they do not intend to mate them. Spaying can culminate in many positive health results, including the decreased likelihood of mammary gland tumors.